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the flametrick's photo album...ah, the memories!

WEEEE-HAAAA! They'll be racing into your area soon!

The Flametrick Subs - 1999

Clockwise from bottom left: Slim Slime; Buster Crash; Johnny Cat; Clem Hoot

Click on the thumbnails for a closer look.

Clem Hoot

Buster Crash

Johnny Cat

Jerry Lee Hoot
Live from the flamin' depths
of Hell!

Buster Crash

Buster Crash

The Satan's Cheerleaders


Johnny Cat & Priss

"The Black Cat's a/c
is powered by the 
flames of Hell!"

Former Flametricks bassist Peggy Suicide

Packin' 'em in at the scenic Black Cat

Johnny Cat
They already played "The Pride of Texas," you numbskull.
  Glamming it up for the Dallas folks at Club Clearview  

And presenting The Flametrick Subs historial Poster Archive!


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